From one-on-one interviews and press junkets to sold out shows and book signings, Michelle Obama’s travel schedule to promote her memoir, Becoming, is on fire. And, to many, so is her fashion.

Consistently making waves and showing her arms, the First Lady was known for her fashion while in the White House. Commentators would wait with baited breath to see what she was going to wear, and bloggers made careers on posting her outfits. 

As a private citizen her choices have become even more daring. She’s wearing everyone from international fashion houses to independent, Black designers and colors from purple to soft pink to black. The fashion community is loving it. Not only is Michelle Obama an example of a wicked smart, powerful woman, balancing career, life, and family, but she looks sooooo good while being it.

​During her most recent book store stop in Atlanta, GA, the former wore a purple suit and, wait for it ……. a sequin bustier. This look is probably one of my favs! Check out this look and others below.