Go Off (The Shoulder)

Six reasons why you should embrace the off-the-shoulder top and dress look this summer.

  1. They look good on everyone (I could stop right here).
  2. Off the shoulder tops give instant flirty, sex appeal without being overly sexy. (Perfect for conservative fashionistas, women who want to attempt to wear this look in the office, and women who like a little mystery).
  3. They can be dressed up with a skirt and strappy shoes as I did or down with shorts and Chuck Taylors.
  4. They elongate your neck and highlight your collar bone (pro-tip: add some highlight on those shoulders)
  5. Many of these tops (and dresses) have embellished or oversized sleeves that help give a little drama to your outfit while hiding a problem area that many women are working on (our upper arms!).
  6. They signify political power- off the shoulder tops have evolved in fashion as a statement of independence and femininity. They say to the world “we wear what we want when we want and conventional rules do not define us” (all that and you look cute too? I’m sold!)