SS’19: OMG! I Attended the Michael Costello Show

Those were the words that were running through my head while at sat at the Michael Costello show. If I were daring, I might have asked someone to pinch me. But I didn’t.

Michael Costello has been one of the most noteworthy designers to come out of the Project Runway franchise. And, as a fashion lover, I knew his name well. 

I’ve also appreciated his aesthetic, His designs tend to be feminine but new. His fabric choices are deliberate and he knows how to dress people. And this knowledge extends to the plus-size woman. This is very hard to come by.

Michael Costello won’t aim to drown you in flowers or hide your body with a sac, but he makes every person he dresses fabulous – and it was an honor to attend his spring/summer 19 collection show. 

There were several moments where there was a hush over the crowd, many times where you heard “oohs” and “aahs,” and occasions of “click, click, click” from camera phones and applause from the crowd. Michael Costello’s presentation was traditional in the sense of runway but modern in the sense of what people wear. Pieces could have easily been worn straight off the runway and over to drinks at the Waldorf. 

Pics of the red, brown, cream fabulousness are below. My goal next time: BETTER PICS!